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Integrated Management Policy

Quality, Safety, Health, the Environment and Energy


NUDEC, S. A. has an Integrated Management System that includes Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Energy policies, and is based on the following principles:

  1. The safety of industrial activities, people’s health, respect for the environment, energy awareness, and customer satisfaction are priorities for NUDEC.

  2. We promote optimal training for our employees and their active involvement in the management process, so that they have the necessary qualification and awareness for compliance with this Policy.

  3. The customer is the key element for our company, so we encourage active listening to meet their current and future needs and offer them the highest quality in our products and the best service.

  4. NUDEC ensures the strictest compliance with applicable laws and regulations in terms of Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment.

  5. We carefully select our suppliers, requiring that their supplies and services adapt to our Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental and Energy policies.

  6. In occupational risks, we give the highest priority to prevention, avoiding risk factors and controlling those that cannot be eliminated. In equipment and production processes, we do our best to avoid monotonous and repetitive work.

  7. We intend to act responsibly, ethically and professionally with all interested parties: society, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

  8. NUDEC promotes the efficient use of natural resources by optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste generation as much as possible.

  9. The General Directorate of NUDEC establishes that this Policy, in accordance with strategic management, be known by all its employees, thus supporting each of them in achieving the objectives of this Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Policy.

  10. Within the framework of the Integrated Management System, we promote the continuous improvement of all aspects related to the quality of our products, as well as the environmental, energetic and management actions, whose results are reviewed annually by the Management.

Polinyà, February 2022





Joining NUDEC, S. A. means adhering to a frame of reference and rules of behaviour common to all employees.

        Our ethical commitment is based on three core values:

        Respect, the source of sustainable, trust-based operations and relations.

        Responsibility toward others and in our jobs.

        Exemplary behaviour, which underpins the internal and external credibility of our actions and initiatives.

        Business Principles

          These values give rise to a number of principles that must guide our conduct

          Respect for people.

          Concern with health, safety and environmental protection.

          Fighting corruption and fraud.

          Upholding human rights.

          Respect for free competition.

          Promotion of financial transparency.

            These corporate values and principles are inspired by internationally recognized documents:

            The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

            The key conventions of the International Labour Organization.

            The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

            The principles of the United Nations Global Compact.



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