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> Product range (93,4 KB - PDF)
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  NUDEC®PET: polyethylenterephthalate-polyester sheets  
> Technical file (259 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (344 KB - PDF)

> NUDEC®PET Prismatic (1,9 MB - PDF)
> Test for digital printing, by Durst
 (148 KB - PDF)

> Application: chairmat.

These NUDEC®PET plastic sheets protect the floor or floor covering (carpet, mat, parquet floor, tiles, etc.) from any damage caused by continued use.

Chairmat - Engraved PET for offices

· Application sheet (140 KB - PDF)

   NUDEC®PETg: copolymer sheets  
> Technical file (151 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (345 KB - PDF)
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   NUDEC®PC: polycarbonate sheets  
> Technical file (170 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (342 KB - PDF)
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   NUDEC®PMMA: methacrylate - acrylic sheets  
> Technical file (110 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (350 KB - PDF)

> Application: noise barriers. 

Apart from offering exceptional soundproofing, NUDEC®PMMA plastic sheets, ranging from 15 mm to 20 mm, have excellent optical clarity as well as high external stability.


· Product sheet (375 KB - PDF)

· Application sheet (159 KB - PDF)

   NUDEC®SANuv: acrylonitrile - styrene sheets  
> Technical file (165 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (351 KB - PDF)

Application:pool covers 

There are different reasons for installing an indoor swimming pool: children and pets’ safety, the option to enjoy a pool during the winter months or simply for the ease of keeping it clean with less effort and to reduce chemical product expenses.

>SANuv: cubiertas para piscinas

· Application sheet (99,2 KB - PDF)

   NUDEC®PS: polystyrene sheets  
> Technical file (153 KB - PDF)
> Material safety data sheet (348 KB - PDF)
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Platten aus PolyethylenterephthalatPlatten aus Polyethylenterephthalat


Platten aus Polyethylenterephthalat-CopolymerPlatten aus Polyethylenterephthalat-Copolymer


Platten aus PolycarbonatPlatten aus Polycarbonat


Platten aus PolymethylmethacrylatPlatten aus Polymethylmethacrylat


Platten aus StyrolacrylnitrilPlatten aus Styrolacrylnitril


Platten aus PolystyrolPlatten aus Polystyrol

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